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Fusing contemporary Native American style with Ojibwe, Oneida and Stockbridge-Munsee design elements in heirloom-quality garments and goods. WALK WITH US.


Artist-designed + Heirloom-quality = The Facing East Collection. This collection leans into the color yellow. Yellow = East in our tribes...East is where we first see the sun and the beginning of each new day. WEAR WITH SPIRIT

The latest collaboration with artist Dyani Whitehawk.

New beginnings surround us...and we look within and to our teachings to hear the voices of inspiration that will guide us forward. Together, we are FACING EAST as we gaze upon what is next.

Artist Statement: "Our sun rises in the east. The Facing East blanket acknowledges ways that Lakota, and other Indigenous people, honor, and express gratitude for the gift of each new day. Embedded within this act of gratitude is a deep respect for, and appreciation of the many cycles and relationships that support life." ~ Dyani White Hawk

Dyani White Hawk (Sičáŋǧu Lakota) is a visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. White Hawk, a 2019 United States Artists Fellow, has work among public collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, Walker Art Center, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum.

Field Coat

4-in-1: A lined coat turns into a unlined jacket turns into a Facing East Vest or turn it into a timeless black vest. A true wardrobe workhorse!
Field Coat featuring the Facing East fabric is inspired by Dad's Vietnam US ARMY field jacket. He wore his jacket for decades as we would explore the woods, rivers, hills and marshes of the Great Lakes...he taught us to be outside and to hunt while wearing his US ARMY field jacket. Many of our fondest memories as kids with him someway involved his field jacket...and occuring long before understanding what was sacrificed to earn this coat. Now I wear his original field jacket and aspire to create long-lasting memories with our children showing them the woods, waters, mountains and open spaces.
The Field Coat honors his service and enduring commitment to us as children...and we looked to the unique character of his Field Coat to bring this dynamic, 4-in-1 garment to life. Every detail was thoughtfully considered and each inclusion meant to uplift and honor the memories created in the original garment. In addition, this coat pays tribute to all Native Veterans who served in the Vietnam War - you are our parents, cousins, aunties, uncles, jokesters, advocates and heroes... We respect and acknowledge all the things each of you have carried for all of us.
Heritage Coat

The Heritage Coat is back, and for the first time featuring the Ginew® “Facing East" lining. These just got to the warehouse shelves. More photos coming soon!

In designing the Ginew Heritage Coat, we recreated a meaningful garment as it was worn by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers in daily life. The premium, American-made materials of our Heritage Coat are not just wool, cotton and brass; they are oral histories, old photographs, and traditional lore.

Coats such as these were more than mere garments: they were work tools, worn in the machine shops, forests, and fields by relatives who dedicated themselves to the hard labor of providing for their families. By exploring our Anishinaabe and Oneida heritages, we came to appreciate their rich history of work and dedication. When we wrap ourselves in this coat, we wrap ourselves in the ways of our ancestors.

Flyer's Jacket

Native Americana + Heavy Duty Old School Truth

It was merely a matter of time before Ginew and Dehen 1920 teamed up to dreamstorm together. The result is the FACING EAST FLYER’S JACKET - cued from the flight jackets of yore and soaring higher with a bold new wool blanket pattern born of a collaboration between Ginew + Dyani White Hawk. Made from the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to manufacturing detail, we are proud to introduce the Ginew + Dehen 1920 FACING EAST FLYER’S JACKET. Each jacket is proudly produced in NATIVE AMERICA - Portland, Oregon with wool fabric woven by Pendleton® Woolen Mills.

Ginew + Dehen 1920 teamed up with The Skatepark Project, Portugal. The Man, and PTM Foundation to support access for youth and community members to the skatepark on the Warm Springs Reservation in Central Oregon.

A Jacket with Purpose: 20% of RETAIL SALES from the FACING EAST FLYER’S JACKET will directly support initiatives around the Warm Springs Skatepark. Read more about it in our stories: THE FACING EAST FLYER JACKET.

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