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Authentic Native Made

I am originally from Northern Michigan and enrolled with my father's Tribe...the Sault Ste. Marie band of Chippewa Indians.
Welcome to my shop 'Authentic Native Made'. I specializes in Heirloom Quality Beaded Baby Moccasins. All my shoes are made of soft supple deer hide. Beads are hand sewn onto the leather for strength and durability.
'Authentic Native Made'... the place to shop for a unique one of a kind baby gift.

I have been a 3-D artist for many years and I have shown my work at many fine Native American art shows throughout the United States.
After 911 it became very difficult for me to continue to support myself by art I started supplementing my income by buying and selling Native made jewelry and crafts... selling mostly at Pow-wow's and Native Art Markets.

It became very clear to me that even in those venues much of the jewelry, pottery, baskets and even bead work being sold...was not native made...they were knock-offs...mass-produced and mass-marketed items sold for pennies as "authentic native made" items. It is tragic to think that 2/3 of the jewelry sold in this country as 'Native made jewelry' is actually a knock-off...and the public is often unaware of this.

There is such a diversity of native cultures in this country...and you will often see it expressed through the beauty of our work. These unique styles and techniques have been passed down through generations....from grandmothers to granddaughters. There is a rich history of beauty and dignity that is expressed through the stories, dances and ceremonies of some very proud ancient cultures...and this is what you will often see expressed through their different art forms today.

It is sad that this art is dying out because so many of our Native Artist are unable to compete with this onslaught of cultural thievery. What to us is cultural expression is to others a trendy marketing ploy.

I named my store in honor of all Native Artist that are struggling to keep their culture alive through their art. I want to thank all those that have supported us by buying 'Authentic Native Made' items, whether it has been from me or other Native Artists...
It is deeply appreciated.

Megwiich (thank-you)

Sharolyn Maleport

Ojibwe Artist

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